Karin Diskin has the curriculum, lesson plans, and resources to homeschool your child. Contact me about my homeschooling services in Los Angeles, CA.


I deeply respect every parent's right to choose the best educational options for their child.  You know your child best, and I am committed to helping you formulate an educational plan that works for you and your child.  Whether it is due to health, travel, a special academic or behavioral need, or any other reason, I am delighted to work with parents who have chosen to home school.  

Karin Diskin offers a variety of services that are tailored for home schooling.  Karin will help you with

  • lesson plans
  • daily organization
  • thematic learning
  • attendance records
  • periodic assessments and evaluations
  • and teaching skills

I will help you develop a home schooling program that suits your child's needs and goals and that will meet the academic benchmarks and compliance requirements set by the California Department of Education.*